The List…

Do you know who women naturally have a reputation of being a nag?  Well, you haven’t lived with my sweetie.  He is a constant man in motion.  This is great except for me it equals exhausting.  I don’t want to work all the time.  I understand that chores are never-ending and can and will wait.  I have no qualms of letting laundry pile up so that I can finish my last chapter of my book.

My husband has been nagging me … the basement needs serious tending to.  It is the one room in the house that I never venture into.  Why?  It just seems like such a male zone.  There are videos games, sports stuff, a ridiculous big screed on the wall … you get the picture, don’t you?  Our basement isn’t finished yet, either, so there is no comfortable carpet or painted walls.  It is a mess.

Today I cleaned it…. with a little bit of help.  Out came 5-6 bags of garbage, equal amounts of clothes to give away and lots of books and what not repacked.  It is a space that looks livable again.  The bathroom is clean and presentable, the bedrooms like habitat-able … sigh.


Yesterday Sanj came home and in true Sanj fashion, went on a bike ride then jumped on the lawn mower and begin to attack the grass with a vengeance.  When the belt on the mower broke, forcing him to stop, he started on the gardens.  They needed weeding and we had a dump of mulch delivered that needed spreading on the gardens.  I was in and out making supper and chatting with him on the porch, telling him about my day, the butt-smacking that occured and venting about mean people that hurt my friends.  

Sanj has always wanted me to be a garden person.  After feeding the kids, I went out and started pulling obviously weeds.  My husband was so thrilled.  I believe that sadly, this is a turn on! lol


I must be on a roll.  Now all I have to do is find a cure for our garbage problem.  I may actually take a trip to the dump.  This may send him over the edge though.


Nag, Nag, Nag.

I never hang up my keys were they are suppose to be.  Then to add to the issues, I take Sanj’s key.  Not good.  

“Why do you do that?  Why don’t you hang them up when you are done?”  asks my hubby.

Why?  It’s simple.  Why make life that easy?  lol

My sweet hubby… how much I love you.  Hope the nagging eases off a bit… summer is here. It is time for lemonade, books, porches and kids!

This picture is of my workaholic husband RELAXING! lol   He was so delighted to scrub the seats in his beloved mobile.  Weird, eh?

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