Butt Smacking!

I have been sneezing non-stop this afternoon.  Allergies!  I had a very embarrassing moment today.  I was in the boys school waiting for the bell to ring.  I walked into the office, my usual stop to say to my friends.
As I was walking back down the hall, I saw a friend of mine (Rhonda N).  I saw the back of her, delighted to see her at the school since she usually is at work.  I walked by her and smacked her butt.  She abruptly turned around, shocked.

I was shocked too.  It wasn’t my friend, Rhonda!  It wasn’t even a friend.  It was a mom, someone that I don’t know at all and someone that seems appalled that I would touch her in such a manner!

I think I actually turned red … thus this picture!   How embarrassing!

Today, I was invited to a Iranian lady’s home for lunch.  She works for Sanj.  It was all very neat… as she made a meal that consisted of Iranian foods, which were not that different from Indian foods.  It was so interesting to learn more about her culture.  She asked how old Sammy was?  He was finished his exam for the day and wanted to come along.  (This pleased my greatly that my 14 year old wanted to come along).  Sammy turns 15 years old on Sunday.

Apparently, if she is in the presence of a 15 year old or older, she has to wear a long sleeve top.  I found this fascinating.  She is still wearing black, mourning the loss of her father, although after 40 days, she could wear colour again.  She isn’t a practicing Muslim, well a strict one anyways.  I was quite fascinated.   I truly couldn’t image living a life that is so unfair to women.  

While we were at her 3rd floor apartment, we felt an earthquake.  It was harmless so it was very neat.  🙂

Today is my dad’s birthday.  I wish life had been different for him.  I am so grateful to know that God loves him so much and watches over him.  Happy Birthday, Daddy.

My brother-in-law is working the G-20.  He was involved foiling a very bad guy’s plans.  As the boys were listening to the story, I heard Josh walk away saying, “I’m Uncle Raj, your the bad guy.”  I love these moments that remind me of the importance of family.  Way to go, Raj!  You are a big time hero in our books!
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