Energizer Bunny

My son is so hyper active.  Image blowing up a balloon as big as you can and then letting it go… the balloon buzzing around is the way my life is with my son of immense energy!  He is high on life all the time.  You would think this is not a problem.  Is it a problem?  Well I guess you would have to define problem.  Much of the time he makes me laugh as no one can.  He is silly beyond silly.  Part of what comes with hyperactivity is impulsivity.  He will do the craziest thing and then think afterwards.  Then he will come to us, sorry and say, “I didn’t mean to.”

His brothers adore him.  Oh they get hurt or mad many times too but forgive him as he is so fun and loving to hang around.  This is the kind of thing I am talking about… this picture…

Why would Max allow them to do this?  No doubt it was very funny.  Yet… this is the kind of thing my very active child if forever doing.

The other day, I had to replace the car charger for my phone.  It comes in that kind of packaging that only can be opened by a sharp object.  Bell… apparently, did not have a pair of scissors.  (I hate that company)!  After much frustration, I looked at my son, who was doing a job on the plastic spoon he used for lunch and asked him to see if he could open it… 2 minutes, no lie, I had my charger.

His energy is so incredible.  It is so amazing to watch this super-active child of mine taper all that energy when needed.  Well, I should really re-phase that… taper that energy when HE was to.  HE has such focus on the golf course.  He is quite a little player on the green.  The same can be said about his game in hockey.  He sees the game, as many have said.  Well, you must need focus to focus! lol

Sigh.  It is only the first week of summer.  I think he has been unleashing all his energy from school and all that stuff.  He is a balloon zipping this way and that way.  The only thing that saves him is he is having such a good time.  Despite his crazy antics that leave me wanting to pull my hair (what little is left of it) out… I so appreciate his spirit.

I am hyper.  Compared to him, I am calm.  I wonder if I was like that as a child?  I don’t remember being so zippy.  I was definitely able to pull it together when I needed to…  or I am sure I would have gotten a good smack.

So…  my son with the super duper levels of energy…  I love you.  I love your spirit.  Someday your zeal for life will lead you to do amazing things, this I am sure!

As I write this, it is interesting that this blog could be about a few of my sons.  Hum…
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