July 3, 2010

16 years ago Sanj and I were married.  It was such a wonderful day.  The weather was perfect.  Everyone I loved was there to surround us and support us.  

Here we are, 6 boys later, with more love for each other than I thought possible.  Lift has certainly had its ups and downs.  Over the years, each trial only strengthened us to keep at it.  God has been so faithful.  He has made good on His promises… even when it didn’t seem like He was.

Of course there is no picture perfect marriage.  Ours is full of driving each other crazy, being annoyed at the hairs in the sink, leaving the vehicles on empty, toilet seats that are not put down…  oh this list can go on.

I guess the answer is that if you can look at this person beside you and be grateful for all they add to your life despite the daily annoyances… you have a good one.

A year or two ago, I decided that I had enough of Sanj taking me for-granted that I would always love him despite the crazier he becomes as he ages…  so I put him on a lease.  20 years… buddy.  Then, it is time to re-evaluated and sign a new lease! lol   I know I am a catch.  I just want to remind him that he better not get lax.   He needs to date me, wine and dine me.  Keep that love alive!  🙂

Have I mentioned I love this wonderful man that loves me, accepts me (most of the time), spoils me and has to live with the constant frustrations that comes with me.

Happy Anniversary, my dear Sanj.  How much I love you!
Thank You, God, for this wonderful man!
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