I haven’t blogged in a week or so.  My husband keeps nagging me.  Frankly, I have been lazy.  I have been hot.  That is an understatement.  I have been very hot.    I have been relaxing, sort of.  It’s summer.  I have been reading books, just finished the Birth House.  ( A good read).  I have been hanging out occasionally with my friends,  discovered a lovely restaurant in town KOBO (on George St), great ambience and good food.  Of course, if you add the usual loads of laundry, the chore of meals, occasional housekeeping… life is full.

Yet, my husband is concerned at the lack of blogs.  Guess he wants to get the scoop that only comes out by blogging.  🙂

I have been working on getting up the courage to take the kids camping alone.  This Wednesday… I will be off to Silent Lake till Friday.  I am so excited.  It is just when it is so dark out and quiet  (as I come out of the car from being out) that I think… “Wow… it is really dark.  Are there bears?  Bad guys?”  Are there night lights for campers?  Yet… I am determined to do this.  How much fun?

The boys are back from Serve.  Sammy and Tyler went to another community with our church for  a week and did actual work… and came back refreshed, in love with Jesus and full of being with others.  This picture above is of my Tyler sanding a porch in 100 degree weather!

In other thoughts,  I have been baffled with my youngest, Josh.  The boy INSISTS on wearing his suit in this very hot weather.  Long sleeves and long pants are a must for his happiness.  This picture is of him wearing his leather jacket in the midst of the heat wave.  Usually you can see him with his suit, red rubber boats and Sanj’s ski googles.  Should I be worried?  Sigh.  He is the youngest.  Maybe there wasn’t enough “stuff” for the creating of a normal  child in utero.

Tyler has turned 14 years old this weekend.  Wow…  Sammy turned 15 two weeks ago.  True teenagers… Lord have mercy!  This is apparently a very hip golf outfit… much to Sammy’s thrill and Sanj’s distress! 

My three other munchkins have been keeping busy in  the pool… which of course, I wanted to allow them this luxury over the break, yet never considered it another source of a noisemaker!  Wow… the water sure adds a lot of screams and loudness to our already loud home.  After a bit of tough love, Josh finally overcame his fear of water!  Now just try to keep him out!

We went to the Mandarin yesterday for Tyler’s birthday… I am pretty sure the pictures say it all.  One question:  How come these kids will eat crab legs (ugh) and yet the thought of a broccoli or celery is frightful?  These boys of mine definitely have their dad’s taste buds!

A little secret… right now after my husband slaved all afternoon and did the flower beds, played with his new power washer and yet, cleaned his precious vehicle… he is now vegged out on our deck, book and drink in hand, propped up on one of the sofa cushions… yes… you got it, relaxing!  (We need patio furniture badly)!!!  Here is the thing…  he has been extremely relaxed … well as far as Sanj goes… and you want to know why???  Let me tell you:  He had CARBS this weekend!  Yup… it is that simply.  Seriously… he may live a year or two longer than me… thanks to the ridiculous addiction called the gym and a daily diet of no carbs… but let me tell you… I will die knowing I lived a happy life… every weekend! lol  (I love this man!!!)  Speaking of loving this man… I have been loving him on and off again for the last 16 years!  I bought out my wedding dress and Max modelled it… sad thing was Max was too big to button the back!

All in all… life in summer mode has been great.  More to come, I promise, my sweet Sanj!  Just wanting to make you miss my blog!  xoxo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would love to see some of your wedding pics.