The Call

This last week while the older boys were on Serve, they both gave their hearts to God.  It is what I always have desired for my boys.  I often wondered how it would happen.  For me, God was my friend through a rough life.  He was the one I could talk to and I knew He was safe.  My boys have a good life… and I always wondered how or when they would have that amazing experience.

One of them’s journey was a very emotional and public one. Everyone knew and he is not shy to talk about it.  This Sunday at church he is going to speak out his Serve experience.  Then my other one experience was one that was about him and God.  Two very different experiences and so beautiful and amazing.

I remember feeling God spirit and being so moved to be God’s child.  I still have those same feelings yet I am jealous in a silly way as I watch the boys because I miss the innocence of those days.  I miss having that faith that was so simple.  I have faith but I hate the doubt that seems to creep into my thoughts.  I hate thinking that I hear God’s voice and realize that I was really only hearing my own wants.  I hate that I find myself being lax in my friendship with Him at times and miss FEELING that feeling of a new believer.

I am so grateful to the people that were there to be by my boys sides.   I wish I could be the one that they want in this but right now God is using his special servants to minister to the hearts of these young folks.

Faith is such an incredible thing.  It is as comforting as a blankey was when little having your security with you.  I love knowing that I can call out and know that Someone is there with me all the time.

I am so glad that my boys have found their own path that leads to this and pray that they always remember that they have their own security blankey wherever they are.

God is such a powerful force when He calls you can only respond!   Of course there is the option of being swallowed up by a big fish if you ignore His calling! 🙂
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