A God-Sighting…

Last week Tuesday, I was bustling around like crazy getting ready to take the boys on a camping trip… by myself.  Yup… I was preparing for this adventure and was so ready!  Tuesday, Zach kept saying he wasn’t feeling well.  When you have six kids, someone is always complaining of this or that and unless I see a temperature or throwing up, I just nodding and assume it will pass.

By evening Zach was throwing up.  I was not impressed.  Yet was still determined we were going.  EvErYtHiNg WaS ReAdY!  I figured it to be a 24 hours bug and what better place to throw up but outside?  

By bed time he had a fever.  I was really feeling panicked.  It is not an easy feat to pack for camping.  I had all the groceries, already spent a few big bucks on all the cool camping nick nacks that I didn’t know if we really needed or not but was so looking forward to  finding out.  Yet…  fever, throwing up… then my 2 a.m. Zach was in my room complaining of stomach pains.  Again, this has happened many a time.  Many a time have we gone to the ER with stomach pains and never once has it been anything major.  I was really tired.  I had him lay with me.

I got no sleep because of the battle going on inside me… do we go camping or not?  Do I take him to the ER?  Well, since I was not sleeping and he was not settling down, off we went to the ER.

Needless to say, after the ultrasound came back showing an ugly appendix, things took a course of their own.  Sanj cancelled his afternoon, the boys were left to fend for themselves.    Zach and I were dealing with all sorts of scary things such as dealing with a yucky IV needle, the pain in his belly, and tears that broke my heart from the fear of all that was going to happen.

Here’s the thing, in the past, the few times the boys had procedures, it has been simply… tubes and adenoids.  When we had to deal with tonsils also, it was all with an ENT we totally trust and know.  Here… at this moment, I was sending my baby  under the knife with a complete stranger.  I mean, did this surgeon know his stuff?  Did he study and get good grades?  Did he have enough sleep?  Too much caffeine?   When he came and talked to me, he did look really tired.  He kept rubbing his eyes and asked me the same question 3 times.  I was really worried about his concentration!  

I was scared.  I pray or chat with God all the time, especially when I am stressed.  It isn’t the kind of glorious prayers that you may hear in church or from a godly person.  It was more a bunch of ramblings, of a mom that was scared out of her wits, ramblings and seeking help for her baby.  It is so great that God is who He is… God, otherwise He would probably need a translators.

Here’s the thing…. and it is so amazing… God knew ahead of time my Zach was going to need the surgery.  So.. as we were up there waiting for Zach to be taken in, I kept scanning all faces that passed hoping for someone I knew.  Someone!  Then, there comes this lady from church.  She is an EMS that goes on the helicopters.  She is a big person in her work.  She was in the OR with Zach.  Immediately I felt peace.  How cool is that?  Then my girlfriend calls, asked who the doctor is and lets me know that he does this all the time and is very thorough… and not to be alarmed if he takes longer.

How cool is that?  I love when God is right there in front of me, taking the lead and forces me to just sit and trust Him.  I wish I would do it all the time!  I am such a weeny when it comes to being in control.

A God Sighting!  How much I love Him!  Zach…he is doing great!  Mom… me… I was given confirmation that I was so NOT made to be a NURSE!!!  Wow!  I am so grateful for all those loving people that have that special gift… of being a nurse… a great nurse!  Thank you!
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