Rated …

The craziest things I have to write about are usually things that I really shouldn’t.  Yet this is the real me…  so let’s see if I can do so without having to rate this R. lol

Last night as my husband was being “loved” by me, I was chatting.  This is what I do.  I talk, I massage his sore back and talk.  As I was “loving” him, I said, “Can you stop and pick up milk on your way home from the gym in the morning,” then I stopped myself.  lol  I was pretty sure that Sanj wasn’t really listening to me!  Poor guy…  

I had this thought other men would find whipped cream, lace and chocolate sexy.  My hubby, no doubt, has duct tape on his list of items needed while making whoopee! lol  He told me, “Too much talking.”  I am just multi-tasking.  Come on… admit it… you have a lot going on and can do two or three things at a time, right?

This morning Sanj woke up, visibly disturbed.  He had a bad dream.  Usual  his dreams are about the kids getting hurt or me doing something ridiculous.  He looked at me… “You were cheating on me with another woman.”  Oh… I thought that was every husband’s fantasy! lol

Here’s the thing… I am usually the one that has crazy dreams.  Crazy!  He was reading a book and it must have had some scenario that triggered this dream.  So he blames me… “You are always saying the craziest thing about women that it made me dream this.”

The other day I was a Blockbuster and there was this young girl/lady behind me in line.  She had a lower cut shirt and all it said was check out my rack.  It was the kind of thing that you couldn’t help but notice.  Wow… she had a nice pair of bosoms.  Is it weird that I noticed?  I think not!  First, they were right in my face!  Second, I was a little worried that they weren’t being held too securely and might pop out.  Thirdly, I was a little jealous… they weren’t fake, they were firm and lovely.

As I came home and shared this with Sanj, he just looked at me.  Sometimes he really doesn’t know what to say.  Other times he just looks at me, speechless.  What?  She had a great rack!  Isn’t that what they say? lol

The thing is I am pretty sure there is such a thing as a girl crush.  I have hear others talk about this … meaning a female that you find attractive but not in a sexual way.  You KNOW what I am talking about, right?  Help me out here!

One of our favourite restaurants in town has this girl/lady that works there as a server.  (Do they use the term waitress or waiter anymore)?  Anyways, this girl has always fascinated me.  I feel like she is my alter-ego.  She is Indian-ish though she could be West Indian… (technicality… we both have brown skin).  She is taller, has beautiful, black hair… thick  hair… the kind I don’t anymore.  She has a slimish build… the kind I want again and may have if my stomach did not expand 6 times to the size of a watermelon.  She has a funky style.  I love her style.  She has a kind of Bohemian/gypsy style that makes her striking.  She has a lovely face… especially her smile.  

OK… is this weird?  Yet… I like her personality.  I think she is spunky and smart.  We read similiar books.  I think if we met in another setting we could be friends.  My girl crush…  is that weird?  I was disheartened when we went there for our anniversary so discover she had moved on.  Sigh.

These are thoughts in this head of mine.  You have them too, right? lol
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One Response to Rated …

  1. Sandy says:

    I think it is human nature to be attracted to the attractive. I also think our present society has made it difficult to address our true, Christlike feelings towards one another, whether we find another attractive to the eye or not. It is perfectly ok, in fact, it is good, to love another. Yet society would instantly point a "gay" finger even though that is not meant at all. So, in an effort to suppress the possibility of being called "gay", we have suppressed the ability to feel and express Christlike love. This in turn has isolated us. It is through the love of Christ that we are all connected. Suppress that, and what is left? Look around on the city streets and you will find your answer.