Yesterday my Sammy got a J O B!!!  He will be working at East Side Marios.  He is quite excited about this and I am glad for his excitement.  He will be able to pay for his cell phone bill and buy his clothes that cost way too much!  🙂  

Sammy is in Hockey Camp this week.  This particular camp gives him 30 hours of ice time in the week not to mention the dry land training!  Crazy eh?  This boy is tired out!  There isn’t much that wears him down so it is interesting to see him sound asleep before 9 p.m.

It is a rainy day… I have to admit, I love days like this.  I feel compelled to do things I otherwise would find excuses to ignore.  Usually that would be laundry but since I did a boat load, literally, of it yesterday… I just have a bit left to get the boys to put away.  Bowling…  we are thinking of going this afternoon.  Hopefully everyone else doesn’t have the same idea.

Josh is saving his pennies to buy a tuxedo for himself.  This is what he wants for school  Is he not a weird child?  This morning as he was getting ready, he was complaining… “You never let me wear my suits or long pants.”  Hello, it is because it has been crazy hot here.  Such a funny kid.  Then there is the complaining about learning.  He is a little too addicted to the computer.  When I put on a “learning” game he complains… “Aw, I don’t want to do letters.”  Sigh.  This child will be the death of me!  I am too old for a 5 year old, especially one that has a will that is too strong!

My Tyler is going through the phase of pushing me away.  I remember going through this with Sammy and how much it hurt me.  Seriously, again… at least this time I have a better understanding of it.  Of course I try not to take it personally.  Yet I am not sure my ego can handle this 4 more times.  Why is Mommy’s love such a threat?  Why can’t they feel like they can grow up without all the worries of being  mama’s boy or however you want to label it?

Tyler’s pushing feels very different from Sammy’s.  Sigh.  God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, right?

Meanwhile, I have a balancing act going on with my middle children.  Well, Max…  he is such a great kid.  I think he has a hard place in our family’s birth order.  He is big yet he is still little.  Usually, I refer to the boys as the older 3 and younger 3.  He isn’t fond of that.  Yet, in so many ways, he is one little guy.  Fairness is so important to my Max.  “How come HE gets to do that again?”  Usually he is referring to something the younger ones will be allowed to do.

Josh has a habit of finding his way to lay right beside me.  It doesn’t matter who is there, he will squish in a spot that isn’t a spot.  Usually his brother cave and just move over.  Not Max.  Or for example, if one of the boys is sleeping in our bed, Max keeps track of how many times his brothers have slept there. Usually he will walk off in a huff, totally offended of the injustice he per-sees. I will have to go after him, realizing he is hurt and kiss the unfairness better and act accordingly.

With Zach having his appendix out, he has been given treats by many friends.  The first time it was OK.  Zach was too sick to enjoy it and handed them out to his brothers.  After a bit thought, as the treats kept coming and Zach wasn’t being so generous, Max was not impressed.  We went to the store and I let him/them pick whatever candy and size they wanted.  (Trust me, this does not happen… especially the big bags).  This was justice prevailing.

My Max is still a little boy needing his mama’s attention, just in bigger boys ways. 🙂  I’ll take it!  Yet it is a job remember that he is a little one in a big boy’s body.  I love this kid.

Then there is Jordan, who is, day by day, becoming a copycat of Sanj.  He is more of a loner at home.  He will be off, usually on his guitar, strumming to his own tune.  Often, he will wait till all his brothers are out of the pool and then go in.  He is becoming a true musician… a little off beat. lol

Zach is healing wonderfully.  He is itching to be active again.  It is hard to believe that it was only 7 days ago that he was cut open!

OK… that is the scoop of the home front.  I am back to writing and it feels good.  I am a still suffering a bit of writers block but am not going to let that stop me.

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  1. em says:

    You are one blessed Mama. Those kids are so lucky to have you….and I'm sure they all know it – even Tyler. You have so much love in you that you could have had 20 kids and still loved them all equally. I wish you were my mom!!!