Running Off…

It’s the weekend!  I love Friday nights.  The boys were all in bed, Sanj and I were laying in bed, each with a book till it was lights out.   Then we began to chat…  I love this time.  I put the lights back on to show him something on Facebook… and he gets beeped… meaning someone has engaged him in a chat.  He looks at me… lol… he isn’t used to this nor is it his favourite thing to do… he much rather be chatting on the phone.  He was catching up with his childhood friend’s sister… (he loved it, Janice).  I ended turning off the lights and trying to go to sleep, since it was way past midnight.

Sometimes I feel like we are getting old… laying there, reading. Yet I love the familiarness that I have with Sanj.  He is still, reading, I am fidgeting, my legs snuggling under his, needing to make some contact with him and yet driving him crazy with the movement.

Last night I was thinking of things I want to do.  A while ago, I made a bucket list.  Some of the things are still on there… yet lately I have been wanting to do things that could really be accomplished, if I set my mind to it.

Like what?  Well, one of my biggest desires has alway been to have a great body.  It means that I need self-control with what goes into my mouth.  Actually at the age I am today, it isn’t even that but rather exercising.  I NEED TO EXERCISE … I need it to be my drug of choice.  Sigh.  I feel so good when I do it.  I wish there was that magic button to just get me on the machine.  

When I say a great body… I really want to lose 20 pounds, have nice arms, a back that I can wear a dress that has a cut all the way down my back and oh, a nice arse would be awesome too.  Actually, I would be happy with my 20 something body again, the one I was so conscious about.

So, along with this wish would be to become a runner.  I think runners are hot.  They look so sexy.  I love the sweat, the stride the rhythm.  HUM.. They seem to be so disciplined.  When I am upset, I could say I am going for a run rather than wanting a Baskins & Robbins mint-chocolate chip ice sundae with hot fudge, whipping cream and nuts… minus the yucky cherry.
So, yah, on the bucket list is becoming a runner.

As I share this desire with my beloved (Sanj, in case you are wondering), he just looks at me.  
Reema, can you even run?”
I reply, “Everyone can run, I’ll start off by walking for a half an hour… and take it from there.”  I smile.
He looks at me, The Sanj Look.
I say, “Are you mocking me?”
He says, “I am not even going to bother with the mocking because that would mean there is actually belief in you being a runner.”  (OK… those weren’t his exact words, he used bigger words with lots of syllables… so I am paraphrasing).

Poor guy, see what he has to put up with? lol  
Anyways, maybe someday I’ll be able to run a 5K.  I realize that isn’t much but hey… it is a start.  Oh, and think of the cute outfits I could wear.  🙂

Anyway, this is one of my add-ons to my Bucket List.

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One Response to Running Off…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reema, here's a suggestion…..what u lack is motivation and accountability….so why not get a personal trainer. And if ur true desire is to become a runner, they have trainers for it. Why not set a goal to say, run a marathon in 9-12 months and realize ur potential. I'm sure ur readers would love to read about your daily struggles to meet this goal and likewise, see how your mind and body have transformed in this process. Hey, we may never get the same 20-something figure back, but there will certainly be perks that even ur dear hubby will appreciate !!! (grinning)

    I hope u give this some serious consideration….it would be great for ur readers to follow u on this journey! The price of a trainer in negligible when it comes to ur physical and mental health….think of how it will boost ur self-confidence!

    Ur a mom and wife that gives so much of yourself…why not do something for yourself which will give both u and ur family a better quality of life???? A healthier, more confident, not to mention hot mamma is just a trainer away!