I Have Nothing..

I have nothing!  Yet, I have to write, so that I can move on with my day.  So, you are warned… this is a blog about nothing!

We ended the weekend with fishing and a picnic.  I love picnics.  I realized that I love picnics more when I don’t have to worry about the food.  🙂  I found the cutest little buns and burgers and we had BLTs, a pasta salad, fruit and munchies.  I kept going over the list of things to take and ended up forgetting the lemonade!!!  So we were sharing the 4 bottles of water I put in at the last minute!

No luck catching any fish, just a little crayfish bit on to Zach’s hook.  It was fun though.  Sammy had a donut (and really only the good Lord knows what else) and was extremely hyper.  He finds fishing boring as it is too slow a sport.  lol

I kept the mosquitoes occupied and enjoyed snapping pictures of the gang.
Sanj ended up going out again, after we got home for some “real” fishing at a different pond but came back empty handed.

The boys have basketball camp this week at our church.  It is a great thing they do… and it is free if you are interested… from 8:30 am-12pm.
I have to admit that getting the boys up was a bit of a challenge. 
Again, I am not happy at the rapidly approaching Back to School!

Friday, the boys are I leave for a week in the States.  We will be off to DC to visit my brother and family and cousins.  Then Wed-Sun we will be heading to a camp in Penn.
I am hoping to hit a outlet mall on the way back home and get a start on some of the back to school shopping.

It is hot in DC over the summer!  Very HOT!  So I am hoping to get the a/c in my van up and running before I go.  I know I have said it many a time… my van is a piece of %$#@!!!

OK… since I really don’t have much to say I am going to end by adding some of my favourite pictures from yesterday.
Have a great week!
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  1. em says:

    I don't know what's better – your pictures or your writing. You are so talented!!