TGI… The Weekend!

It’s Saturday afternoon… what’s your favorite thing to do?

I love hanging at home if there isn’t the pressure to clean, cook or do laundry.

Well, of course there is always that pressure but today I did not cave into the pressures of being Susie Homemaker and it felt pretty good!

I finished a book… House Rules by Jodi Picoult.  A good read.  Anyone read it?  What did you think of the ending?

I finished my book as it had totally consumed me.  I stayed up last night to read but at some point had no idea what I had just read and so I finally let my eyes close.  This morning I let it be know that it was every one for himself (except Josh) and finished my book.

It’s cold outside and I suppose that made me think of food … comfort food.  Mash potatoes came to mind… which brought meatloaf.  OK.. as mentioned many a time, I am not a huge meat lover.  We have not had meat loaf too often… yet the times I made it, the boys liked it.  Meatloaf… mashed potatoes and brocolli (since I have a big bag of florets from Costco in the fridge).

Then I felt like company… so I invited friends we have not had over in a while… and the men will be off to hockey in our little town.

I love cooking for others.  My family…  isn’t often appreciative of my efforts in the kitchen.  When this happens, it makes me grumpy.

I am making a veggie dish for me… it’s called Special K loaf.  If you grew up Seventh-day Adventist then you may consider this a comfort food.  Yum!  Google it, if you are curious… I am surprised to find all sorts of sites on this recipe!

So, I suppose, I love to spend a Saturday home, cooking, reading and being warm.  Our house is cold right now.  Something is wrong with the thermostat… and Sanj has been bugging me to get someone it.  I didn’t and now the temperature has dropped and the house is a bit chilly.  I went and bought some firewood and those firelogs that I just love.

So, company’s coming, a menu is already, did a quick shop to get any missing ingredients and I am ready.

The only thing that is missing to make this a perfect Saturday is a chick flick.  Usually while Sanj is off playing hockey tonight, I watch a chick flick.  Have you seen an good ones lately?  I rented a couple but didn’t see the rating.. one is 18+ and so totally raunchy and not my kind of thing.  The other is 14+ and seems semi raunchy.

I have a few books sitting here in my office that have my name on it.  One is A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay.  She wrote Sarah’s Key and I loved it.  I haven’t heard anything about this new one.  Another one is Rohinton Minstry’s Family Matters. I read his book, A Fine Balance and find it a good read but very disturbing.  I needed him, as the author, to give one of his character’s a ounce of happiness!

Did I mention brownies with ice cream is for dessert?  Nothing like a little bit of home cooking to heat up the house!  🙂  It’s funny, I ended up being Susie Homemaker after all!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. renata says:

    Hey Reema…I have read all of the above books except the A Secret Kept!! House Rules I was consumed by – I felt so strongly for the main character – I just wanted everyone to understand him! I read Family Matters a while ago so I don’t really remember much about it. I think it was the same type of writing as his other book – a little depressing. Let me know what you think of A Secret Kept – I may have to borrow it!

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