Hockey Official… Me!

Have you ever been in a role you had no idea what you were doing?

Today is very cold out.  I am still trying to thaw from being outside.  We were at hockey… the theme of a weekend.  Sanj was running late getting to Zach’s game that he coaches because he was with the other boys coaching.  One of the other dads was going to coach for Sanj.  Then this man looks at me and asks if I can do the time.

Ummm… OK, but I have never done it before,” I told him.

He told me it was just a button and not to worry.  I was worrying.  Why me?  I had Josh… and was stressed at the thought of being responsible for the stats of the game etc.

Well… long story short, this particular arena had a newer time box machine and even the men didn’t know how to run it!  Oh bother.

Here’s what I learned: To speed up a game… run the clock! lol  OK… I didn’t do it on purpose… the first period…  I was just so distracted with Josh, telling me he had to poop and we were in the middle of the ice so there was no exit for him.

I did OK.  I have to admit since the guy didn’t tell me what to do… I am thinking he really didn’t believe me when I said I had no idea what to do…!

It was a good experience.   Yet if you are ADHD like, it is really hard to focus on 5 things at one time!

It’s Sunday night… everyone is tired from a busy day and gearing up to face the new week.

Hope your week is a good one!

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