The Birds and the Bees and That’s How Babies Are Made!

Today I am ridiculously tired!  I can’t even begin the post with a question.

(Max… upon learning how babies are made… lol  Not really).

Last night we awoke to the house being extremely hot.  Apparently, instead of no heat, we had an abundance and the heat would not turn off.  This made sleeping extremely hard to do.  I felt like I was sufficating.  We opened the window a bit, but my hubby that loves the heat, was scared that it would get too cold. NOPE!

Then, around 2 a.m. I found my mind going overtime.  I have been making a list for my book… an outline of sorts.  Yesterday, while I was working on it, I was drawing a blank.  At 2 am in the morning, I had plenty of thoughts yet was battling with whether to get up and write them down or fight them and try to sleep.

Well I didn’t get up because I was well aware of the business of the day ahead of me.   Yet sleep continued to elude me.

Today was the day I took Max out for lunch and chatted about the facts of life…well, some of them, specifically the birds and the bees.

Funny, how birds and bees never came up.  He was so sweet and innocent and I was feeling bad taking that innocence away from him.  He looked quite appalled when I told him the basics of how babies are made.

I have been struggling with Max growing up.  He is the 4th child.  I always classified the boys as  three oldest and then the three youngest.  Max was always my oldest youngest.  Does that make sense?

Next week, he is going with his class to a winter campsite.  It is a bill of rights.  Every boy has gone, so far and yet now that it is Max’s turn, it seems wrong.  Soon he will be going on the Grade 7 camping trip and then before I blink, he will be graduating grade 8.

He is one of my youngest.  How is it possible that I am chatting about s-e-x with him?  Is he old enough to go on this 2 night trip?

He is growing up too fast.

I don’t like it.

Today, as I told him about how babies are made, I whispered a prayer that he will be safe… his heart will be safe from hurts and pains.

Max is such a sweet boy.  He has a temper and can be impatient with his brothers yet… he has such sweetness in him.

I pray that sweetness is never tainted.

It was an emotionally exhausting day.  At the beginning of the month, Sanj and Max will go on his 10 year trip.  A father and son trip… to bond, hang out and chat a bit about life… women and respect.  There will be fishing and hockey.  There will be a cool car.  This is a time to just be together.

My Max is growing up.

I am not ready for this yet.

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