Stressed Out!

What are you having for supper tonight?

We are going to have a Mexican theme night for supper.  I love Mexican food.  I don’t get to eat it too often as we don’t have a good one in our town.  I used to love Chi Chi’s!  Their deep fried ice cream was so yummy!!!

Tyler is bring a few friends home tonight to hang out and then go to youth group after.  I have been really trying to encourage him to dig deep and branch out socially.  He doesn’t have a friend that he would call his best buddy.   He has lots of friends… but I think is really missing having a close one.

Many of his friends are gamers.  They love their video games.  Tyler is not a gamer at all.  He loves his hockey and golf.  He is developing a love for working out.

He is my child that stuggles with anxiety.  I have to admit that I suck at being empathic.  I just don’t get it.  He gets really overwhelmed at a task even before he starts it.  The other day he came home with a book that he had to read for the next day.  (I am not sure if he precrastinated or if the teacher really gave them overnight to read it).

He could not just open the book and begin reading.  He was so fixated on the number of pages the book had.  He kept asking, “How long will it take to read ___ pages?” He got so worked up that he was literally paralyzed.

I was highly annoyed.  How hard is it to pick up the book and just start reading?  I found myself ignoring him… the tears and the drama.

Later in the evening, he came to my room and apologized for being so freaked out.

My poor sweet boy.

This is life for  him… hard.  He didn’t learn to skate till he was 8-9 years old because he couldn’t even get the motivation to even go on the ice.  He fell and failed and then he was convinved he couldn’t do it.

It took Sanj taking him to a rink and bribing him… for each time he went around the rink, Sanj offered him X amount of money towards a Montreal Canadian jersey he wanted.  By the end of the hour… he was skating.

We have had to really work on not letting his fears stop him from trying.  He has had to learn and continue to learn to not let his anxiety overtake him.

It’s a hard thing… over coming anxiety.  Yet it is an even harder thing to not live life to your fullest!

I love this kid!  He has had so many obstacles to overcome as a kid already that I really hope that life throws him some easy passes!

So… back to my yummy supper… enchiladas, then I have wraps… with beef and all the sides and Mexican rice.  Since I can’t make fried ice cream… we’ll end it with brownies. Yum!

Happy Thursday!  Tomorrow is TGIF!!!

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