All Dressed Up…

I’m Back!

I was missing in action and yet it was not for a lack of things to say!  I missed writing so much and yet found that time was in shortage the last couple of weeks!

The Dancing with The Docs was fabulous!!!  I had such a great time.  It was like planning a wedding and then seeing it come to play and missing it when it is over.  Saturday night was the Gala.  It was a 70s theme and so much fun to see those that dressed up.  It was also interesting to see the outfits as much of the trend out there is 70s inspired now so I wasn’t alway sure if folks were in dress up or not!

I felt like Cinderella at the ball.  I wish I had taken more pictures but just didn’t stop to do so.  

Me… with my Prince Charming.

My fancy updo!

I should have made Sanj take a few more pictures.

The silent auction part looked great!  The whole place looked great!  I was scoping this place out for our 20th anniversary party.  It is such a beautiful venue.

I learned so much from this experience…  I met a wonderful group of ladies and feel a bit of withdrawal being apart from them now.

I learned that I have a bit too much of my dad’s sanguine personality in me. lol

I learned that sometimes we, as people, separate ourselves from others into different classes… people with money, people with degrees, people with spouses, people who have pointy noses… you get the point.. and yet when we do this we lose out so much.

I love that every one could join together and work for a greater cause.

I love that!

I came away realizing that sometimes we/I put people on pedestals and then feel intimidated by them all on my own…  and in doing so, miss out on a potential relationship.

OK.. there are people that do put their nose in the air… but really we are all breathing in the same air.  They may just get a fly up their nose when they hold it in that superior position! lol

I learned that you can spend money on good shoes but the bottom line is heels hurt. Period.

Of course, I came away from this event learning so much about me… that is always very cool.

Did I mention that all this was for raising funds to bring the radiation bunker to Peterborough?  Did I mention that the goal is to raise $2.5 million? (Total.. not from just this event, of course)!  Did I mention that as of a few weeks ago, the funds raised was already at $2.2 million?

I am not sure what Saturday night’s event raised yet… but I can’t wait to hear the total!

A shout out to this amazing committee I was privileged to be part of… to Jenn, our fearless, super gifted leader…and to all the fabulous ladies on the committee… Cheryl, Ange, Sam, Rebecca, Margie, Mary, Julie … You ladies are wonderful!

And when all is said and done, it comes down to fighting against cancer… hoping for a cure and in the meantime… making sure that each person’s fight is made a little easier… in this case… having radiation treatment closer to home.

Aw… back to the reality that there is a huge pile of laundry awaiting me.

Back to life… but it is a good life.


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  1. You looked BEAUTIFUL! What a fun event.

  2. Laura says:

    Your hair is HOT!

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