It’s Wednesday… I had a busy morning trying to work with Zach… get caught up after being a bit delinquent with his work the last couple of weeks, while working on Dancing with the Docs.

(I love the “weeds!”)

Then I was off for lunch/meeting with the girls on this committee.  We surpassed our goal… which to me, is always a goal in itself… and spent time discussing the event.  I will miss these ladies.  I feel as if I have made new friends … and yet feel a bit of a loss as I know I won’t likely “hang” with them as our lives are so different… and yet they each have added something to mine.  I am already looking forward to working this event next time!

I have been feeling so many different feelings this past week.  I am amazed at the fact that despite the fact that one can be at a mature age… one can still be very immature.  2 older ladies this week… behaving so badly.  They have been hurtful to ones I love and my immediate reaction is to lash out.  Both pride themselves in being ultra Christian.  Both spend hours pouring through their Bible or praying… and yet there is nothing Christlike about their behavior.  Did I mention I want to lash out?

I am sitting here at my desk, in my office, looking at the book shelf beside me, when my eye catches glimpse of a basket of apples that sit on the shelf.  The apples have teeth marks on them.  The apples are fake!

I saw on someone’s status on Facebook the question… “If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?” The immediate response was “Have a baby girl.”  Guess some desires or dreams never die.  Maybe I have gotten pretty good at pushing those things that I can never achieve way back… where it hopefully gets lost in all the other thoughts.

What would you do… if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

I would also probably take an IQ test!  I have this fear of really knowing my score.   Maybe I don’t want to be average.

It’s Wednesday!  I am really looking forward to this long weekend… Monday is a holiday and then the younger 4 boys have Tuesday off too.

Our lawn is really yellow, with those dandelions … with patches of green grass fighting to make its presence known.  I love the “weeds.”  I wish I was a painter so I could paint the happiness that those weeds add to the overall picture.

I feel like today was a full day and a half already.  It just felt really busy.  It’s only 4:30pm!

Laundry is awaiting me… that’s why I feel tired already! lol

Hope your week is going well!


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