$73,000… Oh Yah!

The numbers are in…

The Dancing with the Docs Goes Disco raised $73,000 dollars!!!

(If you click on the link above… there is a little video clip of the event from the media… and you will see a little piece of our amazing Madam Chairlady too)

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  I am so thrilled to know that we surpassed our goal by 23% (somebody else did the math… lol) and the last time they did this event they raised $39,000.

Dr. Lucie Blouin and partner Ethan Barclay-Ennew … Dr. Blouin was my GP when we first moved to Peterborough… and she saw me through most of the baby phases.

I will be so pleased when they announce the opening of the Radiation Bunker.

OK… onwards… I spent the afternoon writing thank you notes… those that really know me,  know how much I HATE them! lol  They are almost done… so I can be free of them before the weekend.

Today after school, we grabbed a snack and went to watch Sammy’s lacrosse game.  Such a physical sport! Ouch!  On the side lines was Josh and Zach, with sticks and dirt…  then they had a game of “baseball” with a stick and empty pop bottle.  I love watching that play!

This afternoon I took Sammy and Tyler out for lunch… and then we went to Chapters for a quick minute.  The whole way there, the two of them were being physically… and yet playing.

Maybe one day … after all the chest hairs pop out and their hormones settle they will truly be friends.

I guess I should just accept this constant physicalness as brotherly affection! lol

It ended up being such a gorgeous day out!  It just means that school needs to hurry up and be done and let summer begin!

The boys … the 3 older ones… will be getting baptized the last weekend of school.  My brother, Kumar will be coming to do the baptisms… and their youth pastors will each play a role in speaking of the boys.  I am working out the details still… it will be here, in our blow up pool (hopefully it survived the winter with no holes).  We will have a BBQ and campfire.  It will be a celebration… with their friends and family to share in this date.

We will be having family coming from the States…(Yah!!!) and it will be a very special weekend, one I hope that boys will remember.

That Monday after school is out… my Sammy will turn 16 years old!  How in the world is that possible?  I remember turning 16 years old!  I can remember it so clearly… as I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license… (which in the States you can at 16 years of age).  I can remember the excitement.

How is it possible that I have a child that is turning 16?

Sanj said to me last night… “I think we get better looking with age…” so I am going to go with that!  Yes, I have a 16 year old… and a 6 year old!

Lord, please have mercy!


Happy Thursday!
It’s a Grey’s Night!


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