Lazy Days…

It’s the long weekend!

I love days that stretch into nothingness!   Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day to begin the weekend.  The weather was gorgeous with the sun smiling down on us.  Sanj and the older two were golfing… since the rest of the weekend was calling for rain.  I decided to take the boys to the beach.  It was a rocky beach where a boy can find delight in the assortment of activities that rocks can provide.

As I watched the boys argue over the rocks, despite the fact that there were probably over a million rocks that surrounded us…  As I watched Josh brave the frigid  waters and “accidentally” fall into the wetness… I had a sense of anticipation…  I can’t wait for our week at PEI on the beach.

I can’t wait for summer… for the lazy days, for the absolute delight a glass of pink lemonade can cause, for camp fires in the backyard with the delicious mess of gooey marshmallows.  I love melted, slightly burned marshmallows!  I am not a huge fan of smores… I rather enjoy all the ingredients but separately.

I love the smell of chlorine from a day at the pool and the grit of sand and clothes that have dried crunchy from a day at the beach.

I love picnics… but am not the best at putting one together.  For me, it means a quick stop at the grocery store… grabbing chicken wings from the deli, grapes, crackers, cheese, a fruit tray and cookies.

It was a day that teased and taunted that summer days were coming… less than 34 sleeps away.

It was a day that made me appreciate the freedoms in my life… of enough food, enough water, enough warmth and an overflowing abundance of love.

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