A Good Day…

Don’t you LOVE when God get’s all in your face with His presence?

I absolutely love it!
I love seeing Him!  I love feeling Him! I love when I don’t have to depend on simply faith to see His presence!

Today God said, “Be still, Reema and Know and Feel that I AM God.”

It’s all about the pies.  You know that crazy project that I am tackling with no prep time… that will hopefully produce and sell over 700 pies… well I’m been losing sleep over it.  Just simply because I have never done it before.  Just simply because in order for this to happen, I need people to come out and help.  It is the single most frustrating thing, recruiting volunteers, so often.

Last night I lost a lot of sleep, making lists over and over in my head.  I kept sending myself little messages of “Don’t forget …”  I kept trying to play it out, the assembly line, over in my head.  I was stressing about knowing we’d have enough help.  Then before I knew it, it was 4:50 am, when Zach set the alarm for, the time Sanj has it set for.

My friend, a former Rhema family, met with me to spend time as we shopped for measuring cups, picked up the huge order of pie plates and pie boxes.  She then told me she would go home, get her two daughters (it’s a PA Day for most schools) and come help me.

I had put the word out that I needed to divvy up three huge boxes of shortening into 2 lb squares.  I needed to cut up butter into little 1 inch bits to for each pie.  I put the word out.  I didn’t hear definite answers from anyone.

It was one o’clock.  I started cutting up the butter, as the shortening just overwhelmed me, not knowing how to even begin.  I felt my chest start to panic a bit.  There was so much to do.  If I didn’t get the prep work done, this would delay the making of the pies, which in turn would effect the amount of pies we are able to produce.

A few minutes after one, in walked help.  I love that God gives me enough time to begin doubting and then wham… in walk the most wonderful volunteers.  Here’s the neat thing, none of them are still at our school.  They are former Rhema people, well, really once you are a Rhema, you are family, we just don’t let go!

I was overwhelmed with the effective and quickness as which all the work was done.  We even folded 75% of the pie boxes.

I have faith that God is at the helm of this project.  I have faith God will send people we need to be successful.  I have faith that TEAM APPLE PIE will be awesome.  I have faith I will sleep tonight.


I love seeing a God sighting!

It’s Friday, my favorite night of the week.  I hope you have a wonderful night.


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