Apples and More Apples…

Writing is a way of de-stressing for me.  

(Bushels of apples in my van…. lots of apples).

Sometimes I write and delete my post while other times I really don’t care how public my thoughts are.  I realize that for some people this is a concern.  Guess that’s what makes the world go around, the differences in each of us.

Well, I am stressed.  I just picked up the apples… apparently 3/4 tons of apples.  Ugh.  That’s enough to make me want to vomit… will we actually get through that many apples?  (Yes, I am following a recipe).  Josh’s eyes were delighted as he chomped through the apples on the way home.  I bought a couple of bags of apples and was taken at the crisp freshness that filled my mouth as opposed to the usual taste a store bought apple has.  Very yummy!

Tonight I’ll be at the school unloading apples, setting up the kitchen and stage (where the apple peeling, coring and cutting takes place), then come home and head for bed.  Tomorrow is a big day.  12 hours of scheduled apple pie making.  Somewhere in there, I’ll have to feed my kids, and occupy them, eventually get them home to fend for themselves  till I finish up.  Sanj is coming home later tomorrow night too.  I see a very early morning, a quick tidy of the house so I’m not coming home to the mess, feeding the kids breakfast, making lunches and being out the door to be organized for the helpers that come in the morning.  I have snacks to organize for the help, as we have a group of seniors who come to socialize and probably enjoy the first of the pies.

Sometime I wonder, how do I get myself in this kind of situation?  Is there something wrong with my mind?  More then likely.  What scares me is that I am not daunted at thinking of next year.  I have thoughts of what to do next year, a lot earlier.  I think that this could have a yearly fundraiser.  Do I really want to do it?  I guess I really want someone to step us and take it on.

As I work on this project, I have visions of me becoming a baker.  I even went and priced out one of those deluxe Kitchen Aid mixers.  I could see myself making pies, can’t I?  Chicken pot pies?  I love a yummy chicken pot pie.  This is me crossing over to where I don’t know my own limits.  Sigh.  Well, maybe if I really did have all the time in the world…  maybe if I didn’t feel the pressures of finishing my book, maybe if I didn’t feel the need to continue going to the gym, maybe if I didn’t have such passion for certain causes…  maybe I could whip up a chicken pot pie and apple pie for supper.


I think if  there wasn’t such uncertainty, like how many pies can we really make in two days?  I’d actually have fun with this… I love the social aspect of it all.  It’s all about trusting.  It’s a learning experience.  It’ll all be good.

Dear God,

I’m a little freaked out right now.  I know that the bottom line is that we just do our best.  I know You’re in control.  I know You love our school and have visions even bigger than we can image.  This is all for Your glory.  Please… make it be a rockin’ success.  Please continue to touch people to help us… touch people to buy us out … Please bless us with all the things that need to happen tomorrow and Tuesday for us to look at this as one of Your events.  Please keep my kids in good spirits as we work it all out …. tomorrow will be a long day for them too.

I love You, Jesus!

Thanks for Apple Pies! 


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