They Will Come…

I learned just a lesson today.

(Hair nets are not a nice look!)

If God calls on you to do something, He will see you through it all.

Pies… I’ve never done anything this crazy before.  Ever… and I’ve taken on some crazy projects.  Yet, obviously there was a need and calling.  God saw this project needed to be continued and that Rhema (the boys school) would/could benefit from this fundraiser… not just this year, but for years to come.

I lost a few days worth of sleep.  I was worried.  I’m not going to lie.  Was it possible to pull this off in less than a week’s time?  Who would come and help?  This is always the question.  And yet, this project could NOT be done without help, lots of help.

Last night, I tossed and turned, simply because of the anxiousness of the day ahead of me.  I was just not sure.  My friend, a teacher at the school, and over all encourager in my life said, “They will come.”

I walked into the kitchen this morning.  I was truly overwhelmed.  Another friend/staff member came over to me hugged me and said, “Did any one prayer over you today?”  Then she held me as I was struggling to fight tears of fear, likely, and prayed words to God that I couldn’t even utter myself.  This is the kind of community I am part of.  This is how my day started.

You know what?  Today was phenomenal.  I wish you could have witnessed the day with me.  The ladies were so lovely… that came to help… the older ladies from days gone by who did this yearly… they came.  They gave of their time and knowledge.  I loved being with them.  It’s so much about community.  We have such an incredible one.

I have feet that hurt like the dickens.  Tomorrow is another day… yet I feel excitement because now, it’s easy breezy.  We know what we are doing.  Our pies now look lovely.  (The early ones, not to pretty but no doubt delicious).  Today we made over 200 pies.  Our goal is 200 more.  (700 is not even a possibilities due to not enough apples etc. but maybe someday).

If ever in doubt of what a mighty God we have… just take on a project He whispers in your ear… then watch Him work.

My God Rocks!

My Community Rocks.

My School Rocks.

My Friends Rock.

All in a Day!

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  1. Emily says:

    As ususal your faith is astounding. God sure uses you in a way to show others how much He cares and takes an interst in all areas of our lives. Thanks for blogging!!!

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