Real Steel, Lamb Chopping, Apps…

Tomorrow will be a week since I went under the knife and survived.

It was frustrating to come to and be told that they did not remove my uterus… due to issues such as an abundance of scar tissues … and recommended a full hysterectomy in one of our bigger cities. Ugh.

On the flip side, I trust that all things happen for a reason… so it’s all good.  The nurse was telling my that she is surprised that I was able to have so many kids seeing the condition of my uterus.  Hum…

In the last week, I was overwhelmed with the kindness and love of my friends.  Rides, food, kids occupied… it was all so appreciated.  My mom is here too, which means I put on 5 pounds and my laundry is staying caught up!

The weather has shifted to grey, cold and dreary.  It makes stay home appealing to my ADHD personality.  This weekend we began hockey.  Josh had his first practice/game at 8:30 a.m.  I battled in my head but eventually got off my butt and went to cheer him on.  He did great, especially since he is not a skater yet.  He  also loves his Under Armour.  He stayed in it all day.  He loves his cup too. He thinks it’s funny.

On the way home, we stopped at the butcher’s and picked up a huge amount of lamb for curry.  The price tag was bigger than the actual amount yet there is such a difference in fresh meat.  After nagging at the younger boys to leave me alone, I finally gave in and handed them a knife… and taught them how to cut meat, to trim the fat off and cut the pieces into right size pieces.  Who knew?  They were quiet and engaged and did a great job.  Soon this bought about each of the other boys, playing with the peeler and potatoes, chopping, dicing onions, cutting the green beans to the specific way my mom wanted…

It was such a interesting morning that I had a brain fart of a cooking show with my boys!  It would be a hit.  There are so many characters and personalities that live within each of my boys.  And the mess… Oh dear, I can imagine the mess! lol  Yet it is quite a concept, it think… turning boys to self sufficient men!

I got the new iPhone.  I was holding out for a 5 but since that didn’t happen and my 3G was literally dying a fast death, I went with the 4Gs.  I am slow when it comes to really using my phone to it’s full potential.  With my 3, I never really bothered with the apps.  I was thrilled to just have instant access to my email and internet.  Suddenly, the world of apps was opened to me.  I  was laying in bed, wanting to check Zach’s mouth for strep, to see if puss was laying on his tonsils causing his pain.  Too lazy to look for a flashlight, I said, “I wonder if my phone as an app for a flashlight?”  Zach immediately answered, “It does!”  And walaaaa… there was the app with a impressive light that did just as I needed it too. I love the apps for the recipes and the iBooks.  Oh dear… I’m hooked.  I also LOVE the FaceTime!  How ingenious!  There are such smart people out there!  Seriously smart!  My brain is a pee-on compared to those that dream and see through these dreams of gadgets that change our world.  My brother and I FaceTimed each other over the craziest things!  I really wish that Sanj was an iPhone guy.  (He is an Apple guy in every other way).  I actually believe deep down he is an iPhone guy yet the Blackberry is the first phone he had.  He does not do change well.  Yet, he seems to love my iPhone.

I’m kinda recapping my weekend… my mom made the most delicious lamb curry with the lamb we cut up.  Delish!  Hot!  Spicy! Absolutely Yum!

Then  needing to get out of the house, yet wanting a calm activity, I finally gave into taking the boys to see “Real Steel.”  This is a great movie.  I loved it.  It just drew you into the screen and right into the story.  You couldn’t help but cheer for Hugh Jackson’s character… to have a win.  Not going to lie, the man is gorgeous.  Gorgeous. Sigh.

Go see it!  Promise… you’ll love it.

That was the weekend.  I hated going to sleep as I knew that Monday would be here before I knew it.  🙁  I am too tired already thinking of the week at a glance.  And what did I dream of?  Hockey!  Of not enough coaches.  Worrying about hockey! Please!!!

It’s Monday.  I’m up and about.  Sore, yes, but pretty much back to myself.

Real Life… I’m back.

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