Happy Feet!

Today was a busy day.

I must be feeling better.  Yes, I am feeling much better.  I dug out my red snazzy boots that I splurged on last year while we were at Mont Tremblant on Spring Break.  They were a splurge.  I even felt guilty for a second…but it was one of those things that I would have regretted if I had left them behind.

I believe I have a boot fetish.  I love a cool, comfy boot.  An example of this are my Uggs.  Truly, they are worth every expensive dollar.  My feet feel like they are wrapped up in the softest bits of lamb’s wool or something like it… and I love that my feet stay so warm without putting socks on.

Tonight I am off to hopefully (if they have my size and feel right) purchase a pair of black boots that are made of the same material of a wet suit.  I know, right???  How could I not? 🙂

Here’s the thing, I hate shoes.  Everyone that knows me, will expect to see me in my flip flops until the snow hits.  Then I give in and wear shoes.  Yet, finding the right shoes, that looks “nice” and feels great is always a challenge.  It’s right up there with bra shopping (something I really need to do too).  I have two different feet, just different enough to make finding a comfy pair of shoes bothersome.

I suppose if I was a high heel girl… if I could actually wear a pair of heels without breaking a leg, I’d love shoes.  I love the sexy look that heels lend.  Yet… I am not one of those girls.  I have a closet full of heels… all different price ranges… with the hope of finding my Sex in the City pair.  Nope.  So I suppose what I love about a great pair of boots is that they can look cool, even sexy and not have to have a killer heel on it.

The other day I went to pick up and pay for a pair of skates for my Tyler.  I can’t even type the dollar amount… I almost choked.  Here’s the thing… My TyTy has a EE wide foot.  DOUBLE EE… since most of you may not talk this lingo, I’ll explain… the next width, “Dear God, please don’t let him need them…”  would be custom ordered skates.  He is not making a career of this.  Wow.  I’m so grateful for our local National Sports, who has an awesome manager, Tim… who looks for a deal for us.  It really hurt to see that bill.  Then I realized there is a good reason Sanj does not show me hockey equipment, gear, sticks … receipts.  I could have gone to Hawaii.

So… since I don’t golf.. thus not requiring ridiculously priced sticks for the games or clothing, or even more ridiculously priced balls that just get lost…. since I don’t skate or play hockey, thus not requiring ridiculously priced gear,… etc etc… a splurge on functional boots should cause me no guilt.

So… I’m off to get a pair of much needed water proof hopefully really comfy boots.

I’ll be so disappointed it they are not a cool as they look.  You know, that’s another thing… on the display there is usually a size 5-6 shoe/ boot that looks all cute and adorable.  When I try it in a size 9… yah… it’s not so cute looking anymore.  That kinda stinks.

Happy Feet!

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