It’s been 10 days since our lives were normal.

10 days ago was my father-in-law’s birthday.  It was a day he spent in the hospital bed.  He hasn’t left that bed since.  He has leukemia. Just like that. Father’s Day he was happy and healthy on the outside.  Two days later he wasn’t.

I’m not sure that he will leave the hospital, as it all looks very grim right now.  He’s 80 plus years old and has had quite the life.

My relationship with my inlaws has been an interesting one, to say the least.

Yet over the years I have learned to admire so much about my father in law.

(From here on out I’ll be abbreviating father in law with  FIL).

*** He has such a incredible devote love for his family.  He will do anything, literally in his power for those he loves.

My FIL had polio as a young boy causing him to have some crippling and deformation.  His father died at a young age and shortly after, he was kicked out of his house saying he was a burden. ( I just can’t image this!!!) He lived in a beggar’s home for a while until one day a missionary saw and took him under his wing and sent him to the Adventish boarding school where he was educated.

Where bitterness and resentment my have developed, my FIL simply took the higher road that went back and educated each of his siblings.  Today 3 out of his 6 siblings are chartered accountants.  Over this time, he sent and continued to send money to educate his nieces and nephews in India, making sure that each of them was taken care of and well educated.

I can’t help but think of Joseph in the Bible and how despite what his family did to him, he took the higher road and helped them when they need him most.


***My FIL is a man that loves his God but doesn’t put it in your face.  He lives his faith.  

I think he so appreciates the hope we have in Christ.  He understands that gift for what it is, especially since he grew up Hindu.  I love his gentle ways, his words of wisdom and how he just wants so much for us.  He wants more for us then he had.

*** My FIL is not a judging person.  I love that he trys to accept all people just as they are.

I think that when you come from where he came from, he understands there are so many paths that one can take.  He understands that gift he was given by the missionary, by God… and passed that gift on 10 fold.

***Why complain, it doesn’t benefit you.  I know that over the years, my FIL has had many ailments and challenges with his health.   Yet we never would hear him complain.

*** Age is just a number.  He never let his physical age make him old.  He has kept busy with just as much as before he retired.

If you walk to the doorway of my FIL’s house, you can’t help but notice all the gardens.  He is always fiddling with tools in the garage.  He still volunteers for REACH CANADA.  He is active with yoga every  morning… standing on his head longer than folks half his age.

***When you are wrong or wronged someone, say sorry.

I love this about my FIL.  I love this about my own husband.  He will say sorry when he is wrong or been hurtful.  I also love the my FIL for being humble enough to do this.

*** My own husband feels deeply.  His heart is huge.  This he inherited from his dad.  They both love BIG.

I could write a long time about my FIL.  He is such a good person and I am so glad that my children stand a chance of inheriting many of his qualities.

I am glad that I have his love and have been blessed to call him Dad.  He’s been a good dad… and he leaves his imprint on many lives.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully written and so true!!! Love our Big Uncle

  2. Luette says:

    How blessed you have been to have your FIL in your life, I’m sure he feels the same way about the DIL in his life! Thanks for this picture you have given us of a truly godly man.

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