Gobble Gobble

Today is a busy day.  Sanj is having his Open House for the clinic.  I am doing the food.  Just nibblies but non the less a little time consuming.  As usual, we are rushing try to get to school on time.  At the end of the highway is a set of lights… if we hit it, we are usually late.  Today, we made it.  Rhema kids made it ontime.  Now for the high school boys… who’s school is just down the road… 5 minutes tops.  (Did I say I am feeling pressure of being late with the food for  the Open House?)

There is a traffic jam on the 2 lane road.  There is a cop car in the middle of the road… between the two lanes.  At first glance I thought, uh oh, maybe an accident.  This always causes alarm because so many of the kids and their friends use this  road.

Upon further investatgation, I see the cop, chasing something around his car and he seems to be flustered and losing the battle.  Only in Peterborough…. will you find traffic STOPPED while a crazy wild turkey was being chased off the road!!! Hilarous!  The picture doesn’t show what really happened because the cop came towards me and looked annoyed already so I didn’t want to push my luck.1459942_10152395416775828_632975226_n

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