Another Goodbye and Thank You…

Today Nelson Mandela died.  Age 95.  The news reports read… Africa lost their greatest son.  I am drawn to men like him.  Ghandi is another example.  Growing up with a father who was extemely strict about religion, we were not allow to go to movies.  Ever.  Then Ghandi came out on film in the movies.  My parents took us to the theatre for the first time ever.  I don’t remember if we had popcorn or even what theatre we went to, all I remember was the incredible story of the life of Mahatma Ghandi.  I was so inspired by his grace, gentleness and determination.

Mandela’s wife refused to paint him as a saint.  She said he was just a man who was simple and gentle.  I so often wish  for that to be gentle.  To make a difference.  Not in a famous way but in small ways.  I know my greatest calling is mother.  Yet so often I feel like I am failing.  I feel anything but gentle and kind many a days end.  I feel frazzled.  I feel not so gentle and kind when I see my boys being unkind to each other.

How did Ghandi do it?  Did he not every feel like losing it???  How could he choose not to eat… How did Mandela stand being in jail 27 years?  Rosa Parks… where did she get her courage that day on the bus?

Sometimes I feel like if I survive motherhood, with boys that grow to men who are kind to their spouses and can contribute somthing to society, then I would feel like I have accomplished something huge.

What was Mandela’s mom like?  What was Ghandi’s mom like?  What was Rosa Parks’s mom like?

Today at the Open House at the Ear Company I met some amazing people.  I met a few couples who were in their 70 year together.  Can you image being married 70 years?  Can you imagine the stories they have to tell?

I am inspired by the great sayings these men have left for us…


I hate hearing my boys say, “I hate you” to each other.  🙁  And yet I am so grateful that they really don’t understand hate.  Hate is so ugly.  Hating a person because of their colour, race and just being different is ugly.


I must be … if I want my kids to be.

Today we lost another great one.  How wonderful that he’s legacy will live on.

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