Peeing On The Doorknob…

I mentioned that yesterday during Sanj’s office open house I met all sorts of interesting people.  This is the era where it’s not strange to hear that someone came from a family of 12 kids or someone had 6 boys.  I am fasinated to hear their stories and if their mama survived!  Of course it was a different time when having many kids was so different and a norm of sorts.

I love hearing of their Christmas plans with the crazy big families.  I can’t help but wonder what our lives will be like 10-20 years from now.

I think of the poor woman that will be the first … to pave way for the other women to enter and dare to stay in our lives.  Who will bring home the first serious girl?  And I already pray for her.  I hope she is strong in body, mind and spirit.  She is going to need it!

Today, as we came home, it was obvious that one of the boys had a friend over and she was a girl.  Apparently they aren’t dating but they hang out.  The rest of the boys are not fond of her… not sure why.  Sanj feels the same why. (FYI- everyone thinks I’m going to be the hardest to pass though… uh uh… it will be Sanj!)

Anyways, we are coming into the house, I hear Josh as he peeks into the basement window… “Oh they have the fireplace on.  Isn’t that romantic?  Huh?  What does he even KNOW about romantic?  I almost have a heart attack until I hear the other boys… “I have to pee… let’s pee on her car door knob.”  There then is more whispering.


Oh my.  Is this normal?  Again… I fear for the first true girlfriend that comes into our family.

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