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528333_681837088527980_1389198516_nThis is the first page of my new book… I hope to write more.  I love blogging but so often I have post written that I never post because I over analyze things.  Yet I write this blog for me.  I write this blog for my boys some day or my grandkids.  Of course they may never care but if they do… it’s my gift.  So I guess another thing I hope to strive for I to continue to be true to me.  I’ve come a long ways in this.  In fact compared to me in university or high school, I’m a whole different  person.  I’ve learned to love myself.  (Wahoo… finally!)  I’ve learned a LOT about forgiveness this  year.  I’ve learned that it is really the only way to not be emotionally constipated.    I love this:


I used to wonder how to find that peace that passeth all understanding… (remember that song) and realized I don’t need to understand it all.  I don’t need to figure out why “they” didn’t love me they way I needed or wanted…. I just need to love them.  Forgive them.  And leave the rest to God.  I need to give myself permission to have peace without the other giving me permission.

I used to think that happily ever after was this picture I had since I was little… where every one was happy.  Funny thing… I guess I forgot that I am not in charge of everyone’s happiness.  I wanted the table with all the family laughing and happy.  Nope… it’s not always like that.  Some people chose to not seek that happiness.  I can only be happy and enjoy the moment.

I learned this past year that there is such perfection in the imperfection.  I need to embrace it.

I learned that I used to be in such a hurry to grow up…now I would give for those naps! lol

I am so grateful for all the blessings that came with 2013.  My cup runneth over.  I am also grateful for the trials that come, for with them, I grew.

Happy News Years!  Welcome 2014!

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