Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!

OK… First their was the discovery of the one chin hair… that was very distrubing! It made me mad! Why can’t hair just grow where needed? And why can’t it fall out where it isn’t needed?

Then I found ANOTHER hair! This time on my jaw bone area. Oh dear is a full beard in the works?

Then my doctor was talking about something totally unrelated… sex drives of men and women… and how she was going to ask God why He made us SO different. Men are “ready” all the time… women… as they menophase …become much more “interested” because their testostrone levels increase at this time…. THUS the hair chins appear!

PHEW! Ok it is normal… nevertheless very stressful. I just got a wax this week and had the two intruders pulled out.

But then I wonder… why there are women who chose not to remove their “beard?” They have their chinny hairs sticking out and for someone like me… I can’t help but focus on that feature when engaged in a conversation. I get totally distacted wanting to ask why and give them my hairdresser’s name.

Yet then again, maybe they really don’t care. So really then should I?

Hum… yes…because I have 6 males that are ready to let me know when my mustache is growing back. Josh “bought” me a pink razor so I could shave!

God knows the number of losing hairs on my head… I wonder if He knows the number of chin hairs I will have to pull out?

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