My son Max is laying here beside me whining about “how come there are no pictures of me on your blog?” So let me tell you about my 4th son… soon to be 9 years old!

He was born on Remembrance Day. I remember having strong contractions… and knowing that I was ready to have this child. I called Sanj at work to tell him to come home NOW. He says, “hang on … its time for the 2 minutes of silence!” Grrrrr… so not funny!

Maxwell has always been my quiet (most of the time) child that enjoys solitude. He can be found playing with his toys in a quiet corner somewhere. He has a great giggle and wonderful personality. He is a lady’s man. He will no doubt have many girlfriends at his beck and call.

He is a wonderful child whose only daily wish is to simple with us in our bed.

You are a very loved boy, my Maxawaxie!!!
Oh dear… this blog had to be edited… as three of the pictures of my sweet Max were actually of Zach! Poor child! Hope he doesn’t grow up with a complex!

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