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It’s Friday… the last few days till school starts and life is on a schdule of sorts again.  It’s still crazy cold outside.  Took the boys to Oshawa to play with the cousins for a bit … the last visits before Kumar and family fly away.

I was looking at pictures on the computer, cracking up at some of the foolishness my boys come up with.

These pictures were taken in Vancover at Stanley Park later this past summer.   As we hung out by the beach, taking pictures of our families… the boys must have got restless and looked for other ways to amuse themselves.


We were right by the path… and so the boys waited for a fellow jogger and … well you can see, they counted as she reached them and were off.  The jogger was pretty intense… she didn’t crack a smile or break a stride!


There was a lady laying on the grass napping… Max decided that she needed company.

IMG_0838Then Tyler decides to get closer…


Of course Sammy has to get in the action…IMG_0840

And then he decides to do a high jump… the funny part was the lady must have felt something as she did crack a smile in her sleep and her husband, who was sitting a ways away, watching, was cracking up.  Yike!  Glad they didn’t get beat up!!!

IMG_0843I was appalled and yet amused by the boys craziness.  Wonder who they inherit this foolishness from!!!

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