What’s In My Pants… Game

I can never stop saying it enough… life with boys is like being surprised with a huge cake and just as you get ready to cut into it… out pops a gorilla!  I never know what is happening with my boys even if they are right in front of me at times… it’s just a scary fact.

The fact is we all love attention.  When one of the boys does something, even if the intention wasn’t meant to be funny, you know how it goes, right?  They just ramp it up as if that was the intent.  The grosser, more shocking, the better!

Now this apparently happened a while ago… it scares me… knowing there is so much I DON’T KNOW ABOUT!!!


So yesterday we drove up to the Muskokas…. just a little piece of heaven here on earth… where the rich really do live in another planet.  Camp Frenda is there, a camp that Sanj worked at for years and is near to his heart.  He was so pleased that Zach, the only one of the boys, chose to go.  So we drove up, the  2.5 hours, dealing with the usual bickering that goes along with car rides… and we only had half the kids.  Sanj- who is not one that handles that craziness  too well as he needs, craves and needs calm and quiet especially after a week of work and stresses… did ok.  lol


We reached… checked Zach in, wandered, caught up with cousins etc and headed back on the road.  We were down to TWO Kids now.  It was Max and Josh- who usually get along really well.  This trip back they were both crazy.  I’m going to blame the very expensive ice cream we stopped for… but they were in rare form!!!


During this time, in between their crazy banter, I hear Josh giggling saying something about the “What’s In Your Pants” game… my mama brakes screeched and I said… “What’s that?”

Oh Jesus…. You have so much faith in giving me six crazy, weird, hilarious, scary boys!!!

So… Josh went to Max and Jordan and said, “Let’s play a game called “What’s In My Pants…”  Josh says his brothers said, “Sure…” but I highly doubt that was the response…more along that lines of … “Josh, YOU ARE WEIRD!!”

Any how I guess the object of the game was to guess what Josh had in his pants, besides the obvious!!! lololo


I’m guessing Jordan and Max didn’t get any answers right… so first comes out teddy bear… probably the only teddy in the house that was used on that  Teddy Bear picnic in grade one with Mrs. Wiley.  A TEDDY BEAR… not small in size, let me tell you, with a DOLLAR Bill taped to it!!!!!  (Bet you are going to WASH your HANDS after touching money!!!)

As Josh pulled out the bear with money… his brothers shrieked— “Ewwww!!! You put money IN YOUR PANTS???”  lolol

Then Josh continues…. “What’s in my pants…. what’s in my pants?”

Giving up guessing…. Josh reaches in his pants… and out he pulls Jordan’s cell phone!!!!

Now I would  given anything to  see the expression of Jordan’s face!!!!

Now I’m sure this was followed by shrieking and a full on chase and no doubt wrestling and laughing… but I am sure that initial response to Josh’s finale was just priceless.  The boys consider their phones pretty sacred!

(This story was being told in the back seat yeesterday with full on belly laughing!!!  I should have videoed but I was dying myself and Sanj’s expression was priceless!!!!!)

I am sorry if this offends anyone.  Sometimes I just have to post this kind of foolishness to share and remember so one day the boys will remember how life was with 6 sons for their mama!!!!

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