The Talk….

So I’ve been putting off The Talk with my youngest.  I mean he knows way too much from life with 5 older brothers.  He hears so much nonsense .  He knows so much nonsense.  It has scared me,  you know, to have the talk.  He’s been pretty convincing that sex is a man peeing in a lady’s belly button… thanks to Tyler or Max.  He’s convinced me that this is his thought.  Well, I’m an idiot.

Over the break we had in DC, his cousin, also 10 years old and his mom, Josh and I were laying in bed… vegging out.   I’m not sure how the convo came up, but we realized that both boys had the talk… or knowledge of The Talk.  The cousin from his dad… so that was legit.  Josh… from a brother.  Anyhow… as we laid in bed, we did the whole “sex is special… and all that jazz…. and I was disturbed that one of the brothers was naughty.  I was also impressed and disturbed that Josh could play me so well.

Anyhow… Josh and I had the talk. Properly.

Today I was hanging with him… and he asked me, “Mom, what’s a virgin?”

I told him it was someone who had not had sex yet.

He so sweetly looked at me and asked, “Are you a virgin?”

I asked him if he remembered what sex was?

He nodded yes and told me that was how babies were made.

I said, “So am I a virgin?”

He nodded no.

Then Josh asked, “So you’ve had sex 6 times?”

I smiled and nodded.

Insert face laughing with tears streaming down my face.


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