Look Out… Ottawa….

Today is here.  Sammy is off to Ottawa.  Yes, I know I said bye to him already a few months ago but this seems different and harder.  He’s on his own, cooking, living, studying.  I remember my parents driving me to Michigan to drop me off at Andrews University.  In some ways it doesn’t seem that long ago and yet it seems like a life time ago.  I remember waving to them, standing outside the girl’s dorm, feeling butterflies, excitement and fear.

Now my kid is there… of course there are many differences.  He is doing so with his girlfriend. While this isn’t a choice we would make for him, he is making his choices and will learn from his decisions.  I pray for them… and ask God to hover over them with His love and protection and warmth (it’s Ottawa and gets crazy cold there).  I pray for their relationship and that love and respect and laughter are overflowing in their relationship.  I pray that God is center in their world.

Then there’s school- I can only pray that God grabs Sammy and holds his hand as he enters this world of higher learning.  God… please give him patience and will power to dig deep as I know he can and inhale all that knowledge that will give him the tools to grow in his chosen career … and please make that so clear to him, God.  Help him find himself and know Your plan in his life.

Tarah… his girlfriend… please Lord, hover over her as she has left all she knows so far away.  Help her with all she needs… may she feel your peace and love overflowing over her.

Growing up today is so different.  Please Jesus… I pray for all of our friends and families that are taking this step with their young one.  It is never easy to kiss our babies and send them off into the big scary world!!!  May they remember all the things that they have been taught… mainly that You love them so much!  Please help them remember You are right there for them… always.

I start this day… knowing that I have a Heavenly Father who loves my boy more than I even could.  Thank you for all Your promises to take care of our babies.


Here’s to a great school year!

Sammy- I love you. I am so excited for you.  You will be great!  Study. Study hard.  I’m so proud of the man you are becoming.  We are always here for you.  (Just don’t ask for money!!! lol).  Jesus loves you. Turn to Him.  He is always there.  I am so excited to watch you soar!  Love you to the moon and back!

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