Weekend Wonders…

It has been a perfect weekend as far as weekends go.

What makes a perfect weekend?

A night out with my hubby… the Rhema Dinner Auction was our Friday night escape… an enjoyable night with friends and good fellowship.

I love when friends call and say “We’re coming over for a visit…”
Saturday was beautiful! Windy… perfect for flying a kite!

BBQ… a little charcoaled chicken… Sanj’s speciality. lol

A little time on my porch swing… where I discovered this is draw for a couple of boys to come join me on the empty spots…
We even had quite a thunderstorm to enjoy!

Today we did a little of this and a little of that. There is a spot in the yard just past the porch that water seems to collect… we spent most of the weekend trying to keep the pups out…

Josh decided that it was just too much fun to leave alone… soon it was boy heaven… a little bit of mud and water… you would have thought is was mid summer… and not just 9 degree Celsius!

It was just a down kind of weekend!


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One Response to Weekend Wonders…

  1. kumardixit says:

    please tell me this isn't Josh's church outfit!