Back to the Basics…

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! We had temperatures as high as 27 degrees Celsius! This is when school just gets in the way! Who has time to come in and do homework, study for a test and get into bed at a decent hour so that morning isn’t quite as shocking to the system?

Sanj went out after supper with the chain-saw and started cleaning up the forest to make trails for the boys. He has big plans to create a ATV park for the boys.

The boys and I walked out there to check out the action. There is such a playground back there for the imagination!

When we lived in Florida, there was a great spot behind the apartments we lived in. I remember playing for hours in the woods.
I loved it! I had a whole separate world in my imagination. There is nothing like low hanging branches to create the perfect house. A creek makes an awesome kitchen. Leaves makes great furniture and walls. Sticks were handy utensils. Oh… the fun I had for hours!

The funny thing is I don’t really remember playing with anyone… though I am sure my brothers and friends were there too.
Maybe it was a great escape from real life… but I had the best time living in the woods.

As we helped clear branches, mucking in the mud, I saw a great escape… a great tree that would be a great umbrella for picnics, tons of places for awesome forts and barracks. Yet this time my mind’s eye sees it from my boys eyes. Forts and hiding spots for paint-balling and hanging out doing the things boys do.

In The Wild… I am so glad that God created this great playground for us to play in. Back to the Basics… imagination, nature and all that is right there.

Sometimes it just seems that there is so much that occupies the kids of today… computers, video games, t.v. Even when they are outside, there are other things that get them. They sometimes seem lost as to how to just be with nature… the real playground!

I really hope that we can capture that again this summer. That is one of the greatest things I love about camping… it is just you and the great outdoors.

I am really looking forward to playing too. I just have to make myself stop. Dishes, laundry, housework will all be there when I come back in…

It’s just time to go out and play!

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