Wanted: Peace of Mind!

Wanted: Peace of MInd!

I find myself worried about things. Unnecessarily worried! I think and worry about things out of my control.
Oh dear… I think I am becoming Sanj! Yikes… there is only room for one of us in this household!

Worried? Contemplating? Reflecting? Hum… not sure what the actual word is but is it too much to ask for PEACE OF MIND?

I worry about the future… what will my kids be like? How do I shape them into fine young men? I worry about growing old.
I am not scared of it… but rather intrigued. I want to be a “cool” senior citizen. Yes, I actually have thought this through!

I worry about my hands. They seem too old. Plus they are pudgy. I worry about not wearing a ring. I really have no desire to wear one, as I think it is annoying. I play with it and just don’t like the feeling of something on me all the time. Yet I do like Sanj to wear a ring. Double standard… Yah I know. But it works for me.

Now I worry about the heel on my feet. They are starting to feel really rough. I don’t like that. I probably need a pedicure… for them to use that scrapee thing on my heel. Never needed that before! Ugg.

I worry about what MY children will be dysfunctional about. What aspect(s) about my parenting will they hold against me?

What will our relationship be like as adults? Will any of them stop talking to me?

How is Sammy going to wake up for high school (8:05 or something) start when he can not handle being at school for 8:45 a.m.?

Am I really ready to deal with the reality that next year I will have all school going kids?

Am I beginning menopause? Hot flashes… are they really that bad?

Ahhh worries… these are just my petty worries… then there are the ones I lose sleep over!

Wanted: Peace of Mind!

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