Last night was a great night. There is nothing I like better than getting a group of friends together and hanging out!

One of the favourite things I love about fall is the cool weather, colours of fall, campfire, coffee
and lots of children. OK… it was a bit chilly… but still lovely.
There were so many parts of the night that I loved. My favourite was as the adults were chatting by the fire, the teenagers sat with us. They were so funny to listen to. Mini adults… reciting movie lines… actually almost whole movies… Elf was my favourite.
Their voices so deep and yet not mature quite yet. I loved hearing the talk of lockers, tests and people in their lives. They are such a lovely group of young people. My Sammy is growing into a great man. How I love him and am proud of him. (Thank you, God!)
There is something about a comfort zone with people who live and believe like you. Those relationships are not to be taken for granted. They are gifts from God, these friendships are!
Last night at 8:21 p.m. ( or something like that) we saw a space station passing over us. Apparently it does this every night at this time! So cool! I really want to get a telescope… maybe astronomy could become a hobby!
Then after all was said and done… the last little person put to bed… it was good night all.
Until 3 a.m. Sanj wakes up acting like he is in labour! I am puzzled and scared. Maybe he is having a nightmare. Maybe he is pregnant? Maybe he is crazy! I knew it.
He had some crazy charlie horse type thing go through his leg. He couldn’t stand for the longest time… writhing in pain.
Two thoughts went through my head… 1) apparently his own body doesn’t like his discipline of working out… his own muscles are complaining. 2) I am pretty sure I went through this 6 times for hours at times pushing out each of his babies.
He ended making it to the shower and waited for the contractions, I mean, spasms to settle.
This morning he was off to the gym, bright and early to “stretch!”
I am loving the morning… a few of the boys had friends sleep over, so the house is peaceful… amazing how added kids make them behaviour better! I smell the fireplace burning, I have croissants in the oven, hash brown delish baking… yum. This is why my kids love company… their mom hides the cereal boxes for a change! lol
It’s going to be a good day!
Welcome Fall!
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