A Little R & R

I am trying to start a new book. I went to Chapters to add to the pile of books I intend on reading… but I hate starting a new book!

It’s almost like looking for a new friend. You have to go through the introductions, as you meet the characters… I am not sure if they are worth my time and energy to get involved… as my time is limited. I hate books that end up being a waste of time.
I stopped reading John Grisham because after some great books, I felt like he was just writing them and putting them out and they were stupid. It made me feel so let down.
So I ended my relationship with him… as I felt he betrayed me. lol
So, it is Saturday night and I am in bed… yes it is 6:53 p.m. 3 of my boys are snuggling with me… Sanj is trying to get his studying done and then is off to hockey. The older boys are going to watch a movie, I think.
I am not sure if I will start a book or watch “The Proposal.” I loved that movie.
It was a busy day… full of hockey. New teams, some new teammates, meeting coaches and just getting back into equipment and skates.
The boys are in heaven. Sanj is coaching 3 of the boys. Sammy and Tyler are on the same team this year… so that helps. Jordan’s coach ditched them with out notice… leaving them hanging… the league called Sanj on Thanksgiving… desperately looking for a coach.
Can I tell you about my husband… he is such a craZy guy. I don’t even know how he functions.
This week I don’t think he came home before 10 p.m. One night it was a refresher course for coaching, another night was hockey and then a meeting for the school…
Friday night he didn’t get home till 11 p.m. again. Hockey…. and he is such an amazing coach. He loves the game, himself, so he studies drills and things to make practice a learning experience. He is patient and encouraging. He is so dedicated to everything he does.
He is a student… that excels… this section he has to take 2 classes. Another couple of nights of the week that he is busy rather than resting. OK.. really he doesn’t know how to rest.
Tonight, after a busy day, instead of chilling, he will don on all the paraphernalia required and go to his hockey game.
I love him. He is such a dedicated man. I am so glad he is dedicated to me and my boys!
So… I am off to relax myself, in my style, with a book or movie.
I hope your night is a restful one too.
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