What’s In There?

This is a great picture of what the inside of my head looks like.

These is a constant flurry of activity happening.  
While I may seem focused on an activity, I am no doubt working on 2-3 other up and coming tasks.

There usually is no beginning or end… just a constant of activity.
Even when I sleep, I am in motion.
I dream every night.
I remember my dreams.
I can have the most nonsensical dream
(such as last night, my friend, who is done with babes was pregnant).

The thing about my dreams is they often take me to the past.
Often, if I analyze  my dreams, I am dreaming of events 
that are unresolved in my mind.

How annoying!  
In my dreams, I have no control over my thoughts.
Lately, my dreams have been about this boy that I dated and “loved.”
(Sanj, of course, questions this love…  lol)

Whatever.  The point is he wasn’t the one but my mind has not put the fact that he “dumped” me to rest.
What was wrong with me?
What was the bottom line?
And really?  Do I care?
No but in my dreams… I obviously do.
I am forever dreaming of being back  in that time and he is ignoring me.

See my mind, even when it is supposed to be at rest is at constant motion.

This is the mind of a person that lives with ADHD.
My Life is a highway!

But then again… I can multitask with the best of them.

Who says ADHD is a disorder?  Probably someone who can’t keep up with them!

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  1. kumardixit says:

    show us a picture of what the inside of your head looks like when on meds…