I Felt A Nudge Today….

I have deleted many half written posts this week.  I think of things I want to say yet then stop before finishing it.  Then I delete it.  I have been feeling restless in my writing and thoughts.  Maybe I am putting pressure on myself for no reason.

I have come a long way since I was the little girl I once was.  There was so much bursting inside of me and yet most of it was trapped.  Now a day, there isn’t too much that I don’t say.  Sanj is forever scared of what is going to come out.  Yet, I don’t apologize.  If I ask it, I really want to know about you.  I am not into pretences or beating around the bush.

Last week, I went for a ski lesson.  I went without any of the kids.  I went without distractions. Ha!  I did go with a girlfriend, who never had even been to a ski hill.  She was a natural.  Me… I was the one the very patient instructor worked with.  It was O.K.  I just need to practice… alone.  I need to conquer my fear of the chairlift… of getting off it.  I was proud of myself.  It really was not an easy thing for me.  It wasn’t even fun.  It was stressful.  My friend and my instructor kept saying, “You just have to believe in yourself.”  I thought I did.  Obviously not enough!  Then as I was at hockey with one of boys, a man I didn’t know came to me and asked how the skiing was?  I assumed that he knew Sanj and my hubby told him.  Nope.  Well, he knew us, his kid is on the same team.  He was there.  He saw me.  Hum… then he didn’t have to ask how skiing was… did he!  I am still proud that I did it.  I will go again.

I went to church today.  OK… I lie.  I did go to church but didn’t actually sit in the service.  I was helping with a chilli lunch that the boys were part of.  Sammy and Tyler are going on a Serve Trip this summer.  It is a mission trip of sorts to one of the towns in Ontario about 4-5 hours from here.  So the chilli lunch was a fundraiser.

Still it was church.  I have to admit I was feeling nudges.  I was annoyed.  I couldn’t really ignore it.  O.K., God.  I get it.  It is time again.  Church is and has been a sore point for me.  Many reasons.  One of the biggest is that there have been huge hurts.  Disappointments.  I did not get fed there.  No one’s fault.  My own hurts to work through.   I just didn’t feel Jesus there. When I say there… I mean church as a place, not specifically  our church.   Sad.  I feel Him in other places, like the boys school.

I did not miss church.  Yet I feel the nudges.  The boys need to go.  (I hear you, Doreen).  It is not about me.  I know.  So,,, I went to church.

I need to look only upward.  I need to focus all my attention upward and not look to man for God.  I had a huge hurt by a church person… a pastor.  It was a long time ago.  It still is there.  I know that they are only human yet when you are young, impressionable and need guidance, it is easy to assume that they are godly.  They are humans in need of God too.

So… the nudging…  I felt it.  I heard it.  Can you hear a nudge?  Let me tell you, yup!  If God is trying to get your attention and you are pretending not to hear or feel it… He will make sure you do!  Ouch.

I feel like crying because I so miss that faith I had of a child.  I so miss that ease of going to church.  I miss that feeling of knowing church was a safe place.  It’s too bad someone stole that.  Yet, it was a human disguised as a godly man.

There are Godly men out there.  I see them.  I can’t help but scrutinize them.  Are they real?  Here’s the thing, if they only claim to be human, in need of God, searching for Him… then yes, I think they are real.
I am thankful for the real Godly men in my life.

Please don’t take this wrong… church is a great thing.  I have some of my best memories there.  I loved church.  I hope that you love it.  I hope that it is a place where you see God, hear God and feel Him.  I am working on getting it back.  I think that is what the nudge was.  It is a nudging that it is time.  I am going back to the basics again.

In the mean time,  I am so glad for all the places that I can feel God, see God and hear God.  One of those places is in my child’s eyes.  I love looking into their eyes and seeing God, hearing God and feeling Him.  How awesome is that?  I feel God everyday. Today, I felt His nudge.  It’s time.

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One Response to I Felt A Nudge Today….

  1. Sandy says:

    How do I send a smile your way?

    You have a strong heart with a great capacity to love. How blessed you were to feel God's nudge. He loves you very much.