There is nothing like waking up to a sunny day!

Yesterday the boys spent a good part of the afternoon outside.  Sanj was grabbing snow from wherever it was and packed down the jump for the last of the season’s snowboard runs.  The younger ones bounced away energy on the trampoline.  I went wearing my crocs out!  That makes me so happy… to go without socks and the confines of shoes.  I need to wiggle my toes!

This morning the boys were ready in record time and outside playing!  I love that!!!  It is only plus 2 outside Celsius yet the promise of a sunny day with a high of 8 degrees is as good as 70 degree weather after a cold winter.  You can see people in shorts around town.

March Break begins this Friday.  I can’t wait!  As much as the warm weather is welcomed, it does take away from the activities such as skating and skiing over the break.  So… we shall see.

I have to have a few of Zach’s friends over to do a very belated birthday party.  These kids don’t forget anything!  Then there will be Josh’s birthday that he has been waiting for since Christmas!  The big number 5!  He is so excited!

Sammy will have to go and get his arm looked at.  Thursday will snowboarding he fell and hurt it.  Sanj ended up taking him to ER to get it looked at.  They put a temporary cast on it but today I will have to call the orthopaedic guy to get him in to take a look at it.  I am praying it is not broken as he is already going crazy wanting to itch it after just 24 hours!

Josh was out playing this morning and came in crying after skinning his knee.  It is amazing how much a bandaid can fix things.  To bad there aren’t bandaids for life’s hurts.

One kid’s (Max) hockey season is done!  Yah!  He is sad.  I don’t mind hockey, I am just looking forward to having a bit more of a social life again.  We haven’t had friends over in so long.  We haven’t even gone to a movie or dinner with grown ups.

Sign up for soccer is happening.  Then there will be summer hockey. It’s all good.  Today I will be working out the details to our Rhema Women’s Retreat.  I am really looking forward to that!  It is amazing how when you leave it in God’s hands how it all falls into place!  You’d think I would learn that by now!  Friday we were still thinking of speakers… by Friday night, it was all in place!  Thank you, Jesus.

Last night I watched a bit of the Oscars.  There was a clip of movies from the 80s, such as 16 Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and then they had the actors and actresses on the stage.  Wow.  How did they get so old?  Does that mean I am old?  Disturbing… Sanj kept telling me to turn it off… he was so disturbed.

Enough stalling!  I am off to get some things down and be productive!  Happy Sunny Monday!

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