Good Bye Diet Coke…

Today was one of those days that I had so much on my list to X off.  I got a lot done and yet there is still plenty more!  I was one of the science fair judges this morning.  That was actually interesting and fun.  I learned that I can’t pretend that my Diet Coke love affair is good for me.  I know all the stuff… but today this little Grade 2 girl had right there in front of my face pennies that were put into a glass of Coke.  It was the best way to clean those disgusting pennies … not vinegar or water.  Insert a bad word.  Sigh.  I didn’t drink any today.

I also learned that is you water a potted flower plant (I can’t remember the name of the flower but it was purple)… that the flower doesn’t care what drink it is given… coffee, tea or water.  They all pretty much did the same.

There were quite a few gross ones, such as how many times you should chew your food… the sample then put into an acidic liquid to show it.  Gross but well done.

So, I learned some new things today.  I learned that I hate soliciting businesses.  We are going to be having our annual Rhema Dinner and Auction.   I am on the committee this year.  I figured that the least I can do is hit up the businesses that we frequent so often that they know our name.  Most will not say no.  They don’t give me any big ticket items… (still not sure how you get those…) but I am grateful for anything.  Yesterday I went  into one of those stores.  As soon as he saw me with stuff in my hands, he knew.  He begins to give  me a hard time.  I know he is kidding but it was still hard.  My husband is a business owner.  I know how it feels to be hitting the same people for stuff.  The wonderful store owner did all I asked… hung up a poster, laid out flyers and agreed to get together a donation.

I left buying something I really did not need, just from the sheer stress of all that.  I told him to make sure his donation was more than the $20 I spent! lol

Some people do this as a living… I don’t know how they do it!  The stress of it all made me tired and willing to forego Grey’s Anatomy… thankfully it was an annoying rerun.

Did you know that sandwiches cut into triangles can mean love?  As I made the boys lunches, Zach asked me if I could cut his sandwich into triangles?  He had a strange look on his face.  I handed him his lunch with the triangle cut sandwiches.  He smiled.  Such a simple way to say, “I love you.”

It is freezing outside.  Ridiculously cold.  I actually saw snow flurries.  It is April.  Brr…  Made we want to come home and get back under my covers! I have to make myself sit down and fill out all the passport forms.  Ugh.  That is a lot of forms.  I  am not looking forward to it.  Yet we are going to be going to the States for Sanj’s graduation next month so I better get my act together.

 I obviously have nothing profound to say.  I am just needing to write.  Maybe it is a stalling tactic to avoid those forms.

If you are interested in buying tickets for the Rhema Dinner and Auction, let me know.  If you have a big ticket item that you would like to donate, please email.

Happy Friday!

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