Today was a day that Tyler and his  grade 8 class spent the day at Sammy’s high school.  Then he was off to a fellow classmate’s birthday party.  Then he was back at the high school to play with his school band.

I have not seen him all day.  He just came in with Sanj … grinning from ear to ear.  

“I got 2 girls phone numbers!”  Tyler gushes.  “I can’t wait for high school.”

LORD HAVE MERCY!  This child of mine is the one that is, well, was on the quieter side.  I never would have every thought that by this age he would have already had a girlfriend.

My little Tyler is not so little anymore.

I am a little apprehensive about his eagerness for high school now.

Maybe another talk is in order….

When I had the birds and bees talk with him a bit ago, his response was, “Do you and Daddy do this?  I don’t want to know anymore!” 


Well maybe it’s time for the More!

Look out, Girls, Here Comes Tyler!

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