Missing: My 15 Year Old and the Lawnmower!

Lord Have Mercy!  I had a trying day with my 5 year old.  He was really testing me.  I am pretty sure I won but wow, I am too old to have a 5 year old! 

Sammy was home today so I phoned him and asked him to mow the lawn.  I got home and the front yard was mowed.  I was so pleased that he was listening to me.  I went looking for him.  I didn’t see him.  I didn’t see the lawn mower either.

I wasn’t worried.  Max went hunting for him in all the usual places as I brought the groceries in.  Still no Sammy or lawnmower.  Then Max went to look for him in all the unusual places.  No Sammy.  I was just about to panic.  Well actually I was rehearsing my call to Sanj to tell him that Sammy and our mower was kidnapped or stolen.

Max thought he heard a mower in the wood/ forest.  He went to look.  He took a little too long.  I begin to worry.  I started to head into the woods, when the chicken in me decided to grab the phone, not sure what I would find.

Then  I see Sammy and Max running out of the woods.  

I was so relieved I wanted to smack him.  Where is the lawnmower?  

Since I could see that he was a little hyper, I knew that the mower was in a place I didn’t want it to be.

It was in the back woods, stuck.

Did I mention he was home today?
Here is how he spent part of the day… picture taking.
Did I mention I love this kid?

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