Choking Hazard

What a crazy week this will be!
Monday… a day with Josh… that in itself is craziness!
Tuesday…. in JK for the  morning… then into the office for the afternoon (Sanj gone to board meeting the evening).
Wednesday… on a field trip with Max to TASS (Sammy’s high school).
Thursday… a field trip with Josh to the zoo (Sanj is gone to a conference till Saturday?)
Friday… a field trip with Jordan to Medieval Times.

Unfortunately for me, I started a book and it looks like it is going to be a good read!  It is called the Forgotten Daughter.  Why, oh why did I start it now?  I love a book that grabs me right from the moment I open it.  I hate having to wait a page or two to be drawn in.

I made supper… 3 different meals.  I don’t know why I bother.  It is on the nights that I make a special effort for supper and my husband comes late.  His meal is cold and sitting on the table.  He just called.
Oh well… good thing he likes to eat anything any way because it is not going to be a good one now.

He is off carbs … he doesn’t eat the bad stuff.  For supper tonight I made him a healthier version of Philly cheese steak.  The cheese was melting on the mess of meat and I waited for him to walk in ohhhing and ahhhhing.  I just hope he doesn’t choke on it now.

I made spaghetti and meat sauce for the boys.  They are meat lovers.  I have been really thinking of going vegetarian.  It is my natural calling, I think.  I am not a meat lover.  I may eat a bit here and there and then Sanj usual eats the left over pieces.  So, today, I made a spaghetti sauce for me with Portobello mushrooms and onions.   It was delicious.  I was so pleased that I took the moment and spoiled myself.  I am hoping to make a plan that will allow me to eat the necessary nutrients and cater to my vegetarian taste buds.

I have decided that I need to make this house a home.  I am not sure what the problem is.  It is likely the “budget” Sanj put me on.  I am not liking it one bit.  I better get busy and work on my book to it can become a best seller and I can be the shopaholic I was meant to be.  I haven’t set foot into a store aside for groceries in a very long time.  Ugh.   Withdrawal…that is what I am feel.  I wonder if the storeowners have felt my dent without my presence.

Just a few more weeks of school.  Oh, I know it is busy having the boys home but it is a different kind of busy.  It is one that doesn’t demand me to be up or getting them up at an annoying time each morning.  I love the summer evenings with the boys.  It is just such a nice part of the day… relaxed and calm.  They can go to bed later as they will sleep in later.  I so appreciate when they come and get Josh and take  him down.  (He still wakes up as soon as he sees light)!

Right now I am hearing the sounds of drumming… I can hear the dishes yapping as to when I will get then done and there is the never ending cry of homework.  So, I best quit my stalling and get to the business at hand… so I can get to my book again!

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