Sick and Tired

Wow,  I survived the week!  Yah, me!  Last night I was so sick and tired.  I had cramps, fever and a headache.  I had six kids that needed supper and attention and a husband that is away till Sunday sometime.  Thank goodness for mothers.  My mom is here and despite the fact that she had a cold, she insisted on making curry for the boys.  Most of us were in bed by 8 p.m.  Wow… it felt so good to just sleep.  Somewhere around 3 a.m. my fever broke and I was so hot!  There were 4 little bodies in my room and everyone got caught up on their sleep.  Well, everyone, except probably Jordan, who was to catch the bus for his field trip to the Medieval Times (the one I bailed out of).  He was up quite a bit checking the time.

I feel much better today.  I feel like I can handle my day.  Sanj is in Toronto at a conference till Sunday night.  It is nice to have a break.  Don’t get me wrong, because of course we will all miss him but when he is away, I give myself a break.  I don’t worry about a major supper.  I don’t worry if the house is tidy for him to come home to.  I don’t worry about being super wife and mom.  One of the things the boys love is that when Daddy is gone, they clamour into our bed.  It doesn’t matter which end, just as long as they have a piece of me.  I do love this.  There is something so secure about us all being together.   Since Sanj is gone 3 nights, it guarantee’s each of them a chance to sleep with me.  🙂

Yesterday I took Sammy to buy his golf clubs, the ones he has been yammering for weeks.  Wow, that sport is fraudulent.  Seriously, do different shafts and grips make that much of a difference?  Who cares if Tiger uses this shaft?  Then there is the golf balls, seriously???  Who ever thought to make up the balls to the ridiculous prices … to hit them and lose them is laughing all the way to the bank! Ha!  Wow.  I told Sammy that this is his last set of club that we will be buying him.  YES!  He is finally into men’s clubs and from here on out, it is all up to him!   He is beyond pleased!  I should get a few days worth of good behaviour from him, at least! lol

$50 million is the lotto this weekend.  OK, I realize that many of you may be against the lotto… but it is one of my guilty pleasures on occasion.  I love to imagine the freedom!  I love to dream of Sanj going to work just for fun.  He couldn’t retire yet… that would drive me bonkers. lol  Yet as a independent business man he does always have worries.  As a dad of six, he does alway have worries.  So, I love to imagine the freedom!

I am supposed to be  worrying about laundry and getting it all put away.

This week I found myself spending time in Chapters (our bookstore).  I love that store.  I love being around books.  I love thinking of authors and how they worked and got to this place of their masterpiece on the shelves.  I feel a bit of pain for those whose books end up on the bargain tables… marked down to  $4.99.  Ouch.  It is my new happy place.

OK… we have a busy weekend ahead… so I must go… back to the land of my reality!
Have a good weekend!

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